Hey here's a rad recording from of one of the greatest first-generation hardcore bands of all time, Boston's own F.U.'s from way back in 1982.
I have a feeling some of you may have missed punk rock the first time around - let me tell you, it was pretty rad...

D/L F.U.'s - 10.10.82 WERS, Boston MA right here.

Now playing: D.R.I. - Bail Out


  1. Well played sir. A fine fine band.

  2. Awesome blog, I love the diversity of styles represented. Can't wait to see what you post next.

  3. Man the Boston days. The F.U.'s and the Freeze are my faves from the town. Well Psycho, too of course. I never had heard this before today but I do think I recognize the untitled tracks.

  4. Thanks so much! Fantastic stuff you're doing!! Jerry's Kids too. Keep up the great sidenotes and rarities to some of the greatest music ever!


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