A long-lost-in-my-garage recent unearthing, The Magic City's Anger was a fertile amalgamation of the upstate NY sXe thug-core sound with the brutality of classic Floridian Death Metal - the final element coming from the hands & feet of Mr.Alex Marquez, formerly of Malevolent Creation & Demolition Hammer (among others).

I'm pretty sure not alot of people have listened to this; check it out as it may surprise you - a lost classic from my collection for sure...

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Anger - Miami, FL

(It is suspect at best to think that the band photo above is actually of THIS Anger, but if you think about it, HOW SICK DOES THAT LINEUP LOOK, HUH)?

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  1. Looks like the dude from Turbonegro started a band with the drummer from Van Halen.Who then recruited the bass player from Van Halen,to play guitar.And they asked Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor to play bass....but,he wouldn't do it.So his little brother did it.

  2. whats up . actually the picture on this is not the anger from miami . that anger is from jersey i believe . we were much uglier than them ! anger is now officialy re-united and will be recording a new cd also prone to violence will be remixed and remastered for rerelease soon.

    alex marquez

  3. Lo-Res Viscera6/25/2009 06:44:00 AM

    I can't wait to hear more from you guys, please make it soon as I can't get enough.

    Thanks for stopping by, Alex - it's an honor, bro.

  4. I stumbled across this post because I have been trying over the past few years to track down MP3s of albums I either had on cassette or CD's I have lost. At the time I really disliked this CD. I bought it in a bargain bin in a Nottingham record store on the basis of a review in Metal Hammer or Terrorizer, I think. Listening to it today ten years on, I actually think its not too bad. Very, very bizarre!

  5. hey to the person who runs this web site . please email me so a can send you the zip of our second cd prone to violence so you can post it .



  6. very cool, thanks!


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