So maybe that's not a photo of one of Gremany's oldest & greatest rippin' hardcore/powerviolence bands ever, but John Waters is indeed punk as fuck as well….
Blasting drums, crunching guitars, out-front caterwaul? These guys had it in spades. They had power to spare - they did a split w/ Man Is The Bastard - and had they been from the U.S. then possibly more people over here might recognize that.

Either way, I'm preaching to the choir here, or your about to embark a 34-song discography of yet another unsung HC band.

Enjoy - (all four of you that come by to download and actually comment)...

Pink Flamingos - Crippled Silence
Link in comments.


  1. As always thank you for the rad music!! Lots of stuff I already know, and lots of stuff like Pink Flamingos I don't know. Keep up the good work.

  2. thanks for this. i always get this band and pink turds in space mixed up. you should definitely check out the luzifers mob discography (another forgotten german band) if you haven't already...

  3. yes, thank you for the education. In almost every case, I have not heard the band you are sharing, and in almost every case I'm more than happy to have been introduced! peace.

  4. thanks man, looking forward to this.


  5. Thanks, often DL, never comment. You post a lot of good tunes.

  6. You should check out Nuclear Cult. Members of Y and Pink Flamingos in there, and top notch music. http://warmbathlabel.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/nuclear-cult-better-nightmares-7/

  7. Fibro - Thanks - Well aware of NUCLEAR CULT. I got all that shit, son!
    Thing i, i don't like to post stuff that is all that new, don't wanna infringe on the band possibly making $2.00 or whatever. Great fucking band no doubt!

  8. love the blog! never heard of these guys before and can't wait to hear it. any blog that has live replacements alongside the likes of grave and asbestos death certainly has it's heart in the right place! soldier on, brother!

  9. Thanks, Vomit Pinata!

    Every daY I feel like shutting this place down, but every now & then - very rarely these days - I receive a killer comment like yours & it keeps me going.


    1. Kind sir...please don't EVER shut down. This is the creme de la creme of blog goodness; some classics, unheard gems and unknowns...You've got something special here. Thankfully I just found it; late to the show, but beyond digging what you've got going. I'm 44 and though I've been listening for 30 years, there is always more to hear and discover. Thank you immensely for that...

  10. Thanks, Pitboss68.
    I'm not shuttin' it down anytime soon - unless the files get wiped, etc.
    Then qho knows?
    Glad I have inspired one or three of you guys...


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