This record came out at the right / wrong time…

In 1990, I was in the throws of some old-school American Hardcore hangover, trying not to fall into the newfangled "grunge thing" - (TAD ruled) - and then THIS RECORD showed up.
Fuckin' Xtian hippies into Sabbath? Huh?

In the end, they are just a fuckin' killer band who enjoyed getting fucked up & weren't really Xtian band at all.
Politics aside, this band was an anomaly for ANY scene at the time.
Still a weekly go-to record for me.

Why this record is not easier to find is beyond me - Rick Wartell & Bruce Franklin could possibly be one of the most under-the-radar guitar-slingin' bad-ass rock duos out there. Seriously, not a filler riff on this slab at all - the Rick Rubin production - just like on Slayer's 'South of Heaven" *ahem* "re-invented their sound" - and there is not a note wasted here. Sound-wise it's a time bomb; with the fat fucking mix, etc.

Get your Black Shape of Doom on already, willya?

Trouble - Trouble
Link in comments.

☞ Last post until 4/20 at least - (off to Hawaii for a week). Fuck yes. ☜


  1. Killer record, gets the head goingfor sure. I'm off to HI fora week, too! Big Island the 16th-24th. Aloha, bruddah.

  2. @RyGar - Where you staying? I love the Big Island - just landed in Maui a few hours ago - I got some chill spots for you to check out if you want. Hit me up. I hit u up on FB as well. Aloha!


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