Way back in the day - well, it wasn't that long ago - my first post here at L-RV was the first SAVOIURS record. Finally, these Bay Area riff-dawgs ring in the new year w/ some solid new material. These guys are defintiely giving High On Fire a run for the money in the "pummel" department. Ah it's cool though - they're all bros...

I've got to thank Cheeto & X-Angel for sending me this, those cats have been there for me in this game, and seeing as how my HD is still down, I could use a little help - THANKS, BROTHERS.
I suggest you go check their site out if you haven't already as they always serve up a full plate of "heavy".

Have a great holiday season - I'm off to the Sierra Nevadas of Northern California to hang out in the snow and rage with the Yeti...

D/L Saviours - Into Abaddon right here.

Now playing: Saviours - Mystichasm

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  1. Good stuff, thanks.

    I saw these guys a few months ago supporting Mastodon, and they were really freaking loud. Either that, or Mastodon were really quiet.

    Either way, I hear that Saviours rocked some guy's face clean off.

  2. I seen these guys open for High On Fire and it was the loudest show I had every seen. Thought my ears were gona bleed for real! Saviours killed but Matt Pikes guitar was so loud my ears were ringing for two days. He has to be deaf.


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