Riff-heavy / heavy-riffed heavy hardcore - that makes sense, right?
All I know is that I like it, and if you are a regular here at L-RV then you pretty much know what I'm in to.


D/L Shipwreck A.D. - Abyss right here.

(I don't foresee my HD coming back to life any time soon; the holidays have put a serious lock-down on my spending right now so a new HD & file recovery will have to wait for awhile.
Still, I'm not gonna give this up - it's too much fun)...

Now playing: Trap Them - Day Sixteen: The Iconflict

Now playing: Hellchild - Soul of Purity

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  1. Just saw shipwreck AD the last week here in Mass, great show with a great line up.


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