If you truly, truly, TRULY enjoy having your ears pummeled with low-end gurgle-throb brutalic death stylings, then this record is for YOU.

While the Suffocation comparisons will come in to play - Guy Marchais (guitars) is now in said band - Pyrexia seemed to play it deeper into the murk - all Nyquilled-out to the max and shit, bro.

(This has been my morning-drive CD for the last few weeks)...

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Pyrexia - Sermon of Mockery


  1. i've heard the name thrown around before, and i jusst never heard this before, why?
    i d k, but thank you for the post

  2. I fucking loved this cd when I was in high school! if you dig these guys track down an old Massachusetts DM band called Eternal Suffering they were rad too especially their Drowning in Tragedy cd.

  3. fucking pyrexia rules. thanks for getting this one out there.

  4. Lo-Res Viscera6/16/2009 08:14:00 PM

    I grabbed that Eternal Suffering - thanks for the tip on them, they are good too!

  5. No problem ES were a favorite of mine back in the day and not too many people outside of MA have heard them. Wayne From Eternal Suffering plays in the band Decrepitaph these days. They're rad too and have a cd out on razorback records... more on an old school Autopsy slow heavy death tip.
    Now im feeling really nostalgic for some brutal 90s slam death. Time to go listen to Dehumanized and pit my living room haah!

  6. wat tuning did they play in on sermon of mockery???Anyone know??


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