Sweden has produced some of the best - as well as some of the worst - death metal throughout the years.
This next record falls under the "some of the best" category.

Suffer were a short-lived act, putting out a handful of demos & EP's prior to recording "Structures", their only full length (which was to be their final release).

While it was recorded by Tomas Skogsberg at the infamous Sunlight Studios, it does not have "that sound". These guys created a sound they could call their own, and there's a bit of a "hardcore" feel/approach to much of the songwriting. Lots of crunch, lots of time signatures, rad shout/bark vocals, etc.

Check these guys out if you haven't before.

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Suffer - Structures

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  1. love when you post up these gems
    whenever this shit was released im sure i was face down in the gutter somewhere spoutin on and on about "when metal was metal, before everyone moved to seattle and stuck a needle in their arm"
    thnx for this cant wait to rock this mess on my way in to work tomorrow


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