Did you know that soccer is hardcore/metal as fuck?

In the case of Santa Monica's Cryptic Slaughter it was!

These young So-Cal teen ragers met whilst playing in a youth soccer league before turning into one of the premiere standouts of the "crossover" genre.

Here's their lightning fast & core-as-fuck first album that still stands the test of time 23 years later.

There's a certain element of fury & angst shown here that seems to be missing from alot of metal/core bands these days that is present on this recording - see for yourself, whydontcha?

*(This shit fits perfectly between "Horrified" and "Animosity")*

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Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted


It's hard for me to believe that I would still be going strong at this point.
I've done ALOT of blogs over the years, and I think I've finally found the speed/material that works for me - hopefully my ride has been fun for you as well.

While I haven't posted quite as often as I wish I could, I try to post records that are meaningful/under-appreciated/lost classics more often than not.
I like to geek out tweaking images I've found on Google of the bands. Sometimes a cool picture to fuck with inspires the post - what can I say, I love to fuck around in Photoshop!

I've made some cool friends with this blog, as well as made some contacts with some of the bands; also just as important is the fact that ALL the blogs I have linked to in the sidebar I can honestly say are great people who share the same lust for music that I do.
We don't all have the same taste - mine is questionable on most days - but that's what makes "the hunt" so fun, right?

Anyways, I'm gonna go back to my ice cream before it all melts, but I thought I'd say THANK YOU to those of you who stop by - your comments are always appreciated!
While I may not always reply to the dialogue, I certainly enjoy the stories that you share with me, and that in turn has inspired many a post here as well - keep those comments/suggestions coming!


(There's more to come).


  1. 2 goddamn years holy fuck

    first i'd like to say thank you for all the great music, the rad photoshop work and all around being a cool dude

    Cryptic Slaughter

    i have this on cd, but i'm gonna comment because this shit deserves a few words

    this band, and this album, hit me like a ton of bricks, much the same way N.D 'Scum' did

    when ppl where holding up cigarette lighters to Crue, and being all deuchetacular, this is what i was rocking

    and still do

    fuckin speed core at its finest

    keep up the great work bro

  2. Lo-Res Viscera8/04/2009 10:44:00 PM

    YOU are one of those GREAT contacts I have made courtesy of this blog.

    i think we're gonna have to meet up at the Obituary show next month...

  3. Keep it Coming ....thanks for everything you've sent my way.....maybe after I move I can get my ass in gear as welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.........Troy in VT

  4. hey man, you know, i've been checking this blog since February, and i'd like to say happy 2 year anniversary! any chance you could post more powerviolence, blastcore/fastcore, and punk inspired grind? i mean, thats my favorite shit and you have a better location (i'm in northern minnesota :( ) and quite a few years on me (i'm 20).

    congrats and thanks!

  5. Yeah, what nano said. 

    Although I do recall attending a Crue show in '85.

    Happy Two Years-

  6. party on wayne!

  7. congratulation! 8-) I still highly appreciate that your blog is a great weapon to fight boredom and kill time if neccesary!


  8. Just wanted to say happy blog birthday. You've set me up with some lost favorites and unheard gems. Keep grinding everything.

  9. thx for the great work and introducing me to a lot of good and interesting music. I download almost everything you post here (if I don't already have elsewhere), and most of it stays on my computer and in my player. It's a great archive of music I didn't have access to when it happened or just missed out on, and it also shows me what I missed when I went on a hiatus listening to rock music in general during the mid- to late 90ies. I also appreciate the demos of newer bands very much.

    Nullpunkt from last.fm

  10. one of the absolute finest hardcore and metal blogs on the net. content is top notch, graphics rule, and the knowledge of everything posted with each album makes the difference completely. 

  11. In a young music scene that was mostly guys under the age of 24, if I remember right Cryptic Slaughter were especially young. I think they were in high school most of the band's existence, which also makes this pretty cool and unique - from a very different era then today.
    Thanks for posting this and everything you've put up!

  12. Right on man, and what a band to celebrate with.  Funny you had mentioned a long time ago that you had had many blogs and anticipated this one going where those other's have.  Glad that you decide to keep taking us for this ride.  One fucking amazing post after another and then I would spend time checking out what the man was up to in the side bar.  Easily the finest example of a music blog out there and run by one of the most straight up dudes out there.  Glad we got a chance to be bros.

    Saw these guys at a party somewhere in the valley back in the day and was always impressed how much sound came from such young guys. 

    Anyway thanx again for all your time and energy J.  J.

  13. Lo-Res Viscera8/09/2009 08:59:00 PM

    I truly appreciate your kind words & your continued visits, Winslow. Thanks as always for the acknowledgement & "rock brotherhood".

  14. congrats!!! hopefully you can last a few more too!

  15. i'll grab this for my mate as he's super noob to blogging and only just figured out rapidshare. kbps means nothing to him at the mo.
    I like this blog, it's like "whoa i remember that, good fucking record" for thirty/forty somethings. And for that i thank thee. Been running through your posts and just reached this one. 200 to go, well i don't have the time today but i will be coming back and passing the link on to my mate.
    Nice layout too if a little crowded.

    Cheers mucka

    Chuffed for that Voivod live, if i remember they did some dates with Faith No More on that tour too, i read a interview with the in Sounds bout 89/90.

  16. absolutely cannot believe how fast this is, and i listen to DRI, Bad Brains, etc. incredible. love the blog. and fuck cancer.
    -a guy from North Carolina


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