Between going back-to-school-shopping, doing laundry, migrating my son's bedroom furniture down the hall into another room, watching the Giants game (sucked), trying to figure out what to make for dinner, etc. I found the time to go through my hard-drive, and I found what may be a complete discography for Madison, WI's finest hardcore band. There's also some live shit on here - possibly ripped it from VHS, who knows - but it fucking rips.

I'm pretty sure this was something I grabbed off Soulseek - from whom I'm not sure, but thank you for compiling this - as it is a must-have for any Midwestern HC purist!

While this may not be the greatest-sounding collection out there, you should remember that THIS IS REAL hardcore - no rules apply, son. Once you get your head around that, sit back and revel in the unparalleled chaos that was Mecht Mensch.

There's a (million) reason(s) bands like this didn't/couldn't last, all YOU have to do is L-I-S-T-E-N.

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Mecht Mensch - Discography '82-'83


  1. <span><span> i lived in Mad Town from '84-'91 why havent i heard of these guys???</span></span>

  2. Lo-Res Viscera8/23/2009 05:51:00 PM

    Surely you know of TAR BABIES?
    Well, they shared members, etc.
    Another on of Madison's fine musical exports.

  3. yeah, i remeber tar babies, and kill dozer

  4. my fave Madison band from back in the day was Immenent Atack
    raging thrash i've been looking for the vinyl rips for some time - have the 'element of surprise' rips, but there was a 45 called
    <span>"Miraculous Power"that had a song onit called 'bullet' that was a drunken pissed off fave anthem of mine from my youth - i was out there in the land of cheese when i was 14 and came back home when i was 22 - lota great blackouts, i mean memories from back then

  5. Velha escola - Nova escola8/25/2009 10:55:00 AM

    Great post, this hardcore band played a furious sound and left longing, hugs.


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