While I can easily say I was never a real fan of the hardline movement in HC - I can respect what you feel, bro, so respect mine too - there is something about this Bay Area female-fronted / sXe / vegan crew that compels me.

Call me a dick if you want, but I'm not really a fan of female vocalists in heavy music. Eva Genie, on the other hand, can seriously belt it out in a throat-shredding fashion that doesn't sound contrived or wimpy, and while they may not be the most original (the sub-genre itself is musically limited in many ways but is very enjoyable when done properly), they create a powerful dynamic that works well - especially with the choice of segue samples, etc.

They may not have been the greatest musicians, but the passion is what drove this band, and one can only wonder what they would sound like if they stayed together.

It's fucking hardcore, ya know? Love it or leave it.

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Gather - Beyond the Ruins

*This is my last post until next week - not that I've been that prolific in the posting department the past few months*

I'm heading up to Seattle (for a long "romant-ick" weekend w/ the lil lady) to visit some old friends, sk8 a bit, possibly see Blaine Acc├╝sed's band TOE TAG & eat a burger from his restaurant, maybe buy some used CD's, definitely eat some good food & drink some good beer, buy a bunch of shit I don't need, drive around in the (new) Dodge Charger I rented, swim in the hotel pool, etc. A well-needed break is coming my way!

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  1. passion thats what music is all about!I love gather and I am thinking the same about femal vocals!

    enjoy your trip dude!



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