Well, the holiday season is in full-swing - I've defintiely been enjoying the down-time - and I thought I'd make my year-end post in grand style, so here is the namesake-classic hardcore album of the genre itself.

Let's all be thankful that Chuck Biscuits is still with us, shall we?

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D.O.A. - Hardcore '81


There will be NO Lo-Res Viscera end-of-year best-of list.

That stuff is all pretty trivial in my opinion - working at a snobby indie/altie record shop for a few years in the past definitely changed the way I LISTEN to music, and it took me some time to figure out (once again) how to feeel confident & find my own voice when it comes to writing about great bands/records that move me.

I'm positive I would bum out a good portion of the blogosphere if I was to post my "Shittiest-and-Most-Overrated-Records-of-2009" list, and so - seeing as how I'm not out to make any new enemies - I'll keep that one to myself (although it would probably read like 57% of Decibel Mag's Best of 2009)...


  1. oh come on what's a little fun banter between friends?

    regardless, thanks for posting cool shit and making me aware of some bands i didn't know about or just plain missed.

    hope 2010 is indeed TwentySin!


  2. nice way to end 09. see ya in the streets in the new year mang!

  3. awww cmon. with a tease like that you gotta at least let a little something slip. your top five overrated?

  4. Um, off the top of my dome let's just say that Baroness is the biggest piece of shit released this year.
    The Converge record is a big let down for me as well. I mean, what they do is okay, but this record had SO much hype & it just seems like pt. II of No Heroes which was rad (thanks to Jonah Jenkins) but w/ more guest hipsters on it.
    I'll always like them, but I've gone back to the very early catalog for now.

    I would say that the new Coalesce record is in my top 3 of this year, the other top 2 I have no idea, and I don't like to choose one as the best, but that record is unique in my opinion.

  5. A "Worst-of" list would be great!

  6. I just don't want to be a hater, but like a "Best of" list, I don't think I could actually call one record "the best" of the year, or keep it to 10 or whatever.
    I get tired of lists in general, but... yeah. Working in a snobby record store for years scarred the way I listened to music & especially the way I WROTE about music.
    We always had to have our reviews all sound like they were written by the same person - there was seven of us doing it each week - and it completely defeated me to have my shit re-written all the time, but when you own the place you call the shots.
    Blogging has much more freedom...

  7. Yeah...this ain't Anonymous...Thanks for this post...haven't heard these dudes in years,so thanks for the hazy memories.
    If you can dig up the original War On 45 vinyl that'd make me shit.
    Great blog.


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