Been sitting on this one awhile, letting it sink in, or rather I have been sinking into the depths of cold, dank vintage Swedish-style death metal...

While these guys conjure the sprit of greats such as Nihilist / Enotmbed, this AIN'T no retro rehash, brother. This shit stands on it's own like few contemporary bands can do it. It doesn't stop there either, as these guys gurgle & shred in their own unique way.

Each release is solid, and I gotta thank reader Memphis Ben for turning me on to these guys.

Did I also mention that this is a "Daryl Kahan" band?
Yeah, check the Taste of Fear post I did a while back - having Citizens Arrest & Assück on your resume' certainly ain't no joke, son.

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Funebrarum - Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods


  1. This happens a lot around here, your very vivid descriptions of a band make it so that a guy has to download and give it a spin. Thanx man.


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