Here's some seriously under-appreciated slammin' old-school death metal done somewhat with a Swedish feel, but from the Rust Belt heavy-metal hotbed known as... Toledo, Ohio!

The three(!) Ditch brothers (Mark, Mike, & Scott) along with their shred-master pal Billy came together to form Gutted - awesome fucking name, by the way! They recorded a couple of demos & long-players, probably got out of the midwest on a few tours, and the only things left that I have to say before I let you loose on this beast is WHY THE FUCK WEREN'T THEY BIGGER BECAUSE THESE DUDES FUCKING SLAYED AND IF YOU REFER TO THIS AS "SLAM- METAL" OR "WIGGER-SLAM" I WILL PERSONALLY COME OVER TO YOUR MOM'S HOUSE AND PUSH YOUR FACE IN FOR YOU.

Sorry about that... these guys deserve respect...

Gutted - Bleed for Us to Live

Link in comments.


  1. Gutted! Fuck, I haven't heard this cd in a minute... I bought a copy of this from some distro table while I was on the road with one of my old bands way back in 97 or 98 because I thought they had an awesome logo. I will always have a soft spot for stupid brutal moshy 90's dm.

    Whoever invented the term "wigger slam" needs to die an unimaginably horrible death.

  2. So fucking good. Thanks a bunch!

  3. HAAAAAAYYY!!! That was gonna be my next blog post!!!! I guess I'll post their last CD instead. It has their "Disease" demo and final recordings and I think it's better than "Bleed...". I got the night off, so I'll get to typing.


    I'll have it up in about 3 hours.

    I'm from Toledo, used to go see them when I was like 14. I snuck into alot of their shows. They ruled, and thankfully, their albums still rule. I saw them a year or two ago, and they all had pompadours and were dressed rockabilly(?!?)


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