Wendy O. Williams will probably never get the respect she deserves when it comes to her place in rock-and-roll history. She fronted one of the most uniquely shocking bands back in the day; one that if you tried to emulate today you would just be laughed at.
She lived a hard life, was an entertaining front person, and sadly it has been nearly 11 years now since she took her own life. There will never be another one like her, and there will never be another band like the Plasmatics.

Here now for your listening pleasure is a quality live recording of the band at the pinnacle of their power, enjoy.

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Plasmatics - 04.23.1983 The Circus, Bergenfield, NJ


  1. some friends and i were just talking about these guys and this special gal

    we miss you Wendy

    thank you LRV

  2. You are fucking God for posting this. The Plasmatics really meant a lot to me circa 1983, the perfect blend of punk and metal. It didn't hurt that I had a boy's lust for Wendy O. Thanx man.

  3. Somehow, I forgot to mention how lusty she was to me back when I was a young teen; while not necessarily "a babe" she definitely had sex appeal above & beyond - electrical tape & chainsaws still do it for me, actually.

  4. Yeaaah! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZrL3Eg6gP4#t=00m31s


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