The Swiss thrash technicians known collectively as Coroner have always held a special place in my dented tin-can-of-a-heart w/ their take on the thrash/death realms - I can honestly say I enjoy each and every album they have ever made.
Maybe not every song, but as their sound changed over the years, I still enjoyed their noise immensely. Voivod falls into this category for me as well - not as consistently in the latter years, but both bands conjure the same feeling to me when I listen to them - you may get different results, of course.

R.I.P. is solid, "classic" mid-paced thrash. Not lots of tricks or over-the-top "evilness", just real meat-and-potatoes heaviness. Nice tones, great guitar playing, and some tasty interludes. Take a bite...

Coroner - R.I.P.

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This is my first post trying out a newer file-hosting service called ADrive. Let me know what you all think, okay?
I'm growing tired of the Rapidshare changes, but I do tend to D/L a lot myself, so it is worth it to pay for their service each month, but ADrive seems like they could take on the big boys real quick-like.

I'm interested in hearing about your D/L experience - both good and bad - thanks.


  1. always been one of my fave's
    too bad they never really got the recognition they deserved
    i have this already but will give the new file sharing page a trial run

  2. Hello,
    ADrive works fine, fast and free, good !
    I've heard of Coroner a long time ago but never listened to them because I've read they were a thrash band and I listened only to punk & hardcore at that time (and rap too, but I was young you know, so young...) Then I had the chance to listen to Coroner, And I loved their music instantaneously.
    The same story with Voivod. Not only did they seem to play thrash, but even worse : progressive thrash ! The terror, the horror... At last I listened to them, and it was incredible, they sounded like Die Kreuzen ! (RRRÖÖÖAAARRR, Killing Technology...) Of course it was not a mere imitation. It was a totally new sound (to me) with a fantastic reminiscence.
    Well, I think I talked more about Voivod than Coroner. But in my mind they share the same qualities, great music without clichés.

  3. If you don't know already, they are back together as of June 2010. It will be cool to see them live, I never thought I would.

  4. hails for posting coroner. underrated band to say the least.

    should you shoot for cheese themed bands (gouda inspired dutch metal? goat cheese for black metal? etc.)

  5. Laurent -

    Sounds like our upbringings musically were very much the same, although I embraced thrash from the get-go - it was a natural progression from hardcore for me - and I haven't looked back. I don't get sick of good thrash.

    Coroner & Voivod are two bands that took the same-old formula a step beyond, and we are all better off for that!

  6. Roy - Yeah, I'm aware of that, although so far there are no plans of tours - just a couple of major Euro festivals from what I can tell. Hopefully they'll get their toes wet then dive in for a much-needed US Tour!

  7. Ben - I'll see what kind of inspiration the grocery store holds for me next time, ha ha!

  8. Just wanted to share my experience with ADrive. I've had a lot of sh** with them over a year ago, when I used it. They've once moved all my files from shared to private which disabled downloads from the blog and fucked up all the download stats in the process. Also the downloads were unbelievably slow, so in the end I've moved to other host. But they were new then and maybe things are changed now. Maybe only the free service of theirs was sh**.
    Just my 5 cents.

  9. @Malisha -

    Thanks for the heads up, brother!
    I've only uploaded 2 files to their free service so far - just kind of feeling it out. I'm always leery of filehosts, but you gotta pick one, right?
    MediaFireworks great for most people, but not w/ my IP for some reason.

    Who do you like / dislike?

  10. I'm afraid I won't be much of a help as I haven't looked the hosting sites much lately. I had quite good dl speeds with Megaupload and Megashares lately, but don't know their usage terms.
    It's a drag looking through all of 'em. I don't change it if it doesn't give me headaches.
    Hope you'll find the right one for ya quickly.


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