Essentially what was a side-project a Youth of Today, Judge became it's own monster right off the bat.

They absolutely alienated many in the scene(s) w/ their militant sXe views, the West Coast punk 'zines hated them, and all the while they played an aggressive version of hardcore that had a metal approach, yet you couldn't call it metal. Metalcore v.1.0 wasn't even around yet, so in essence it was some seriously meaty thick-neck hardcore played by a bunch of kids who were passionate in their views, approach, & influences.

Love them or hate them, Judge left their mark on HC, and this collection of their complete recorded output (plus demos/rarities) is testament to that legacy...

Judge - What It Meant: The Complete Discography

Link removed do to leeching from PunksandSkins.com - EAT A GIANT FUCKING DICK!!!


Check this out - awesome to say the least…

"What Was Said & Where It Went" (Unfinished Documentary).


  1. Thank you! New to me. Straight-edge is cool with me...gay straight edge even better, if it exists.

  2. good stuff! I still have the record i got back n the day! Thanx for posting!!! Warriors!!!

  3. Not a big fan of sXe, but willing to give it a try :)

  4. I used to love Judge (Back in the day too). Had a listen to them very recently and the lyrics were kind of funny. Keep meaning to do a Gayrilla Biscuits post tied in with Judge and a few others. Linking the homo-eroticness of SE Hardcore lyrics. "he stabbed me in the back" / "our friendship was over"/ "Hanging about in packs" always shirts off, muscles posing. Funny how they never mention girls, let alone spot one on a cover. It's all there if you join the dots.

    Still when i was 16, Judge fucking ruled especially when i were SE.
    Far cry now, just back from a ska festival where i drank a shed load of cider and took some MDMA.

    I wonder if they drink these days?

  5. Rhino - Watch the docu from YouTube I posted...

  6. Loved em back in the day. i was diggin on that scene at the time for sure. seems like nowadays u find more folks who are anti-Revelation, but bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, Burn, Chain Of Strength, Inside Out, etc. were incredibly huge for me at the time. Judge had this huge stomp to their sound that i really liked.

    I actually listened to Beyond - "No Longer at Ease" over the weekend, and thats still one of my fave records from that scene/era, and really one of my favorite hardcore records of all time.

    Word em up. Bringin it down.

  7. Personally, I dig most of that old Revelation catalog now more than I ever did back in the day...

  8. Just found this, i guess you have probably seen it. NYHC documentary. I'll prob watch it later.

    I was hoping that Judge were gonna 'come out' in that video, so i could say "I knew it!", but i guess not.

    Thing that used to annoy the fuck out of me about Revelation Records was the mail order waiting times. You'd see the latest album/EP advertised in MRR so you'd think great i'll bag that. (for me) Go to the post office, exchange £'s for $'s. Pop in a envelope with a short letter and wait up to anything between 3-8 months for your goodies. Seriously took the piss waiting. I remember when Revelation Europe was set up. I honestly thought things might improve by this. So i sent off for Supertouch's album on cassette....
    F U C K I N G H E L L......I was at the end of my tether after 9 months, so i sent them a letter asking where my fucking tape was? (and) Accused them of blowing my hard earned dosh down the red light district, cos they were based in Amsterdam.
    Guess what? By sheer fucking coincidence after waiting N I N E fucking months, the tape only arrived the next day. I felt like a right cunt. So i a brown tongue moment i posted a apologetic reply only to be wished a "HAPPY VEGAN CHRISTMAS" postcard. LOL.

    oh, as i remember Jordan used to send out postcards informing you that he's just wiped his bum and was now washing his hands and in a day or two he might put your T-shirt/LP in a packet with a underpaid stamp and actually send it off via sea mail when you've actually paid him for Air Mail. Still, they actually arrived which is better than some labels.

    Never forgiven him for sending me a size Small 'Slipknot' (Not the kiddy metal for 8yo's) T-Shirt when i pointed out XL. Still, i'd only have to wait 2 years for a larger one, so i gave it away instead.

    Cracking fucking label mind. That fucking BURN 7" is still one of my faves.

    Jordan, if you are somehow reading this. I was only joking and btw "HAPPY VEGAN CHRISTMAS!!!"

  9. Mate - thanks for this - never heard of em but great stuff - cheers

  10. That's some good stories there, Rhino.
    Things sure are different now then back in the day when you had to rely on the mail for your goods/info, etc. as opposed to instant knowledge & gratification via the internet!

    I've tried to watch that NYHC docu before, but too many second/third-generation overrated wanna-be / new jacks in it...

  11. Lookout Records! on the other hand took something like 8-12 days from posting my order to receiving it, and if i had a few $'s to spare they would chuck in some bonus 7"s. Top fucking label!!!!

  12. I'm not sure there was ever a Lookout! record I really dug, theu certainly got sissy/lame as time went on, but I was never of fan of those Gilman St. ska/pop bands they pushed. I dug the Slap-A-Ham years of Gilman though, thats for sure...


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