Incinerate hail from that hotbed of gory-death metal known as Maplewood, MN.
They certainly hate that Jesus guy - even more than myself, I suppose - which ain't an easy thing to do (considering 12 years of Catholickkk School made me the fabulous human being that I am today).

The bros who call themselves Incinerate lay down a mean stripped-down version of Suffocation worship - I mean that in the best possible way. There are many pretenders to that throne, yet few can do it w/ more than just speed; Incinerate lay down some interesting tempos, riffs, time changes, etc.

If you dig this record, then definitely check out their newest release "Anatomize" which takes the formula even further. Good stuff from the Heartlands of America...

Incinerate - Dissecting the Angels

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  1. hey man how are you?
    what's up?

    a lot of death metal here lately...hahahahahah

    go back to ultra d/beat crust assaults mate
    or ala-OUT Cold worship bands..

    (did you listened that the dagda album i told you so...?)

  2. What's up, Mikxxx?
    Yeah, it's been pretty metal-as-fuck for me lately.

    When the mood changes - or when I find some d-beat/crust that hasn't been blogged to death & holds my attention a bit - I'll surely post it...


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