I can't really give you much info on this compilation other than I found it via The Manson Family Tumblr. Not sure if it's an "official" release or not, but I can tell you that this collection spanning Chrlie's musical "career" from The Beginning up to the Present is chock full of great moments, most of them unheard before.

Like The Man himself, you'll either love this or hate it, and whatever your stance is on his music, or Helter Skelter is entirely up to you.
The world was a different place in the late sixties / early seventies, and as much as Charlie got caught up in drugs, women, the scene, etc., when you mix mental illness, a lifetime w/ no family stability, years upon years of institutionalization, charisma for days, and on top of that, the media hungry to vindicate it all w/o question, well, then... that's when shit gets a little weird!

There will never be another American Cultural Icon that will have the same kind of impact on the collective psyche as Charlie & The Family did.
That's all I'm saying.
Enjoy the tunes.

Charles Manson - A Lifetime: 1967-2010

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  1. i can feel the creepyness oozing onto my hard drive as this little fucker slowly drips its vile drops of sound

  2. crimes aside...charlie manson was a great musician...very talented...it's just sad that his illness got the best of him...

  3. this is gonna be weird...

  4. It was meant to be official, at one time, but there's certain rights holders to a few songs that could not be secured. As well as Manson dialogue meant to be in between each song. The 1967 songs were remixed from 1 minute songs where Manson quit while recording to full songs by tweaking it and cutting (upon Manson's wishes). There was also plans of having bongos added to the songs as well as other instruments. But, the rights simply could not be obtained.

  5. Thanks for the info, this has to be my favorite Manson collection by far...

  6. link down
    reupload please

  7. Yeah, I'll get right on that, Anonymous.

    I'm a little busy doing absolutely nothing right now though...


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