One of my all-time favorite technical metal albums, Human is a landmark in the genre.

Chuck Schuldiner was an entity unto himself. Completely unique in style and tone, he always had great lineups for whatever flavor he was gonna throw at you next, and on top of it all, he was a normal fuckin' dude. One that had no heirs about him, no macho bullshit steez - just sick fuckin' licks that most folks still can't fathom...

Let your mind soak up this groundbreaking piece of work.

Death - Human

Link in comments.

(Sorry for the lack of updates recently.
It's been a rough one for me, the past two weeks.
I lost a good friend - a brother, basically - who succumbed to a brain tumor.
He battled & beat two bouts w/ brain cancer already in the last 10 years, but the third one took him out - 2 days before he would have been 34 years old).


Gladly, Black Sabbath has helped me keep my sanity, as well as cold beers w/ good friends, late nights of personal writing & reflection, a good woman, a loving son, & a loyal dog by my side. This record has been critical in my personal struggle for finding some closure on this fucked-up situation).


This post is dedicated to my tight homie, WISP. Godspeed to you, my brother. Thanks for the good times. R.I.P.


  1. My condolences dude! Keep your head up, and thanks for the tunes.

  2. The same happened to a friend of mine... I couldn't stop the tears that day... sympathies...

  3. Thats awful man, sorry to hear it.

  4. Sorry Jason..........Sabbath is good medicine for me too....

  5. i'm so sorry about this...it's cruel and unusual,...my condolences to the family and you.

  6. Yeah Buddha, sorry about your bro. I only had the pleasure of knowing him for about a year. I would never forget talking to him about Monster Magnet every time I ran in to him in the bar.

  7. Sorry to hear about your friend :( Condolences

  8. sorry to hear about your friend. Cool to hear he was a Monster Magnet fan - their early records are so incredibly huge.

    also cool to read your kind words about (Not really that Evil) Chuck. he did indeed seem like one of the most down to earth fellas. its funny to me how some folks will assume he was just some kinda dickhead because of all the lineup problems he had w/ Death. These folks have obviously never played in a band, or at least, Never played in a band and had any of their own vision and personal musical style. its impossible to be a perfectionist and please everyone else at the same time. U gotta choose one or the other, and unfortunately too many are just out to please and fit comfortably into some genre or category. Thank god for the ones like Chuck.

  9. This is so sad ... My condolences to you and the family. Unfortunately many of us lost young friends through cancer or accidents. A dear friend of mine died a few months ago of cancer after a ten year-long struggle. In these ten years he could see his children grow, but he and his family lived with a constant curse. Is it better to die all of a sudden? I don't know, maybe not.
    However it is also sad to see (or to have the impression) that too many good people are gone and too many "bad weeds" are healthy and prosperous - and once again one wonders if the god(s) of the official religions do/es mean anything at all ..

    Thanks for the tunes. Like (good) books, they help remembering people.

  10. Thanks, everyone - THANKS MARI!
    Closure is coming down the line, had a few tribute parties for him now, etc.
    Got my memorial tattoo yesterday as well.
    Music & books are old friends of mine who are ALWAYS there for me when I need them...

  11. I haven't downloaded in a while, actually, for numerous and convoluted reasons, but I always read because I value your insight. This post just prompted me to poke in and say, "keep up the great work, brother." I am sorry about your friend. Sounds like some beauty emerged from his passing, though.

  12. My condolences dude. I'm new to this whole blogging thing, and it's great to see someone w/a blog w/Metal on it. Most of Death's work is simply brilliant, and Chuck was amazing. I like you how put a link to Coroner. None of my metalhead friends have ever heard of them, which is sad because they're so talented.

  13. Thanks, Jay! Good luck w/ your blog - I can tell you put ALOT into it. Keep up the good work - I just linked you, by the way :)

  14. Thanks dude. I returned the favor.

  15. Coroner. The bassist had a massive receding hair line if i remember correctly. Like a thrash metal Terry Nutkins. Swiss band.


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