Truly a fine example of some classically-American Death Metal stylings as performed by these legendary Buffalo, NY rock crushers formerly known as Baphomet.

They didn't get a lot of attention back in the day, and Peaceville fucked 'em as well - we've heard that story elsewhere, haven't we? - Vocalist Tom Frost bellows a gravel-gurgle that I find quite soothing, and the guitarwork of one Dave Craiglow is quite tasteful - not a lot of tech-fare, just serious meat-and-potatoes heaviness.
Why these guys never got big is mind boggling to me, but now you can judge for yourself. I wonder what these guys are up to these days?

Banished - Deliver Me Unto Pain

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  1. http://lix.in/-8de086

    Trying out some new upload services, let me know you think of FlashMirrors.com, thanks

  2. Awesome man! Thanks!

  3. We have some anecdotes from Dave Craiglow in Glorious Times. The Baphomet section will be in the revised edition. I do not believe that any of the members are currently active in music.

  4. GREAT band - under both names. I really loved the first Baphomet 7" when i heard it, and The Dead Shall Inherit LP is great too. they have a great all around low end, Chunky sound - i love the vox and the chunky Woooofs of the guitars. i agree that they should a been bigger. And surely more original than most folks give em credit for - def one of my fav NY death metal bands along w/ Morpheus and Immol- and the other -ations.

  5. I saw Baphomet back in '93 and was completely unaware of this. Cheers man.

  6. I seen Baphomet play in 1990 and was blown away, then a year later I seen them play a show with Overthrow, and they sounded like every other death metal band, the catchiness was gone for me.

    I'd want to find the earliest tapes of them if possible.


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