So here we have the first "Corpsegrinder"-fronted C.C. album, and for me, this is always a fun listen. I'm sure there's tons of "fans" out there who dig Barnes over Fisher, but I think George stepped it right up - the dude possesses a fine-tuned serrated throat-hole, for sure.

This is a heavy album full of catchy riffs, bottom-end brutality, and overall it is in-your-face with some nice thrashy bits with creepy little lead nuances form time to time. The rhythm section? Well, what can you say? They are the mainstay of the band, and for good reason - they always come correct.

Everybody has a favorite record / era of the band, and for me - this week anyways - Vile is my favorite by these "Noo Yawk" masters of death-pummel.

Cannibal Corpse - Vile

Link in comments.

Bonus story for you...

I once witnessed George Fisher puncture the tin lid of a Skoal can w/ two fingers on the first try after a 2001 gig here in S.F.
WTF, you say? I KNOW! Rad…


  1. gallery of SUICIDE...no doubt

  2. Cannibal Corpse was the first Death Metal band I ever listened to. Alex Webster is such a talented musician. I do love the Corpsegrinder era of CC, but I do think there are some tracks that Barnes did better and cannot be ignored as some of the most memorable tracks the band has written.

  3. I won't argue w/ you there, Jay.
    I celebrate most of their recorded output - crucial band.

  4. ooh yeah, this is a good one. thanks!


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