Live albums can tend to be kind of one-dimensional and unexciting, but this one is none of those things mentioned above - it is also under scrutiny as to wether it actually is live or not.

The band claims there were guitar touch-ups, and that some of the vocals were redone due to Rob having the flu on those nights back in February of 1979 in Tokyo, but honestly I could give a shit less as this is a kick-ass record that grabbed me right by my teenage testicles back in the day. The tone K.K. Downing got back then was razor sharp & white-hot; one of my favorite Flying-V players to this day...

Enjoy this (timeless) blast-from-the-past.

Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East

Link in comments.


  1. i think i'm going to pay too much for this on Amazon just so i can have a hard copy

    thanks once again

  2. this is one of the greatest live records of all time. In my top 5 live records, I'd put this, kiss alive (i and ii), ted nugent double live gonzo and agnostic front live at cbgb (the one that came out in 1988 or 89 not the one that came out a little while ago).

  3. Wow, this live is great indeed! Thanks!

  4. a classic!!! :)
    love the album
    by the way, there's a new version of it out, with some additional tracks that are quite cool like 'starbreaker'...

  5. This blew me away back in the day also. The songs, the cover, robs screams. It was almost like something from another planet.

  6. youcanhateme -

    awesome blog!
    i grew up in MI as well, but in the far more unhip Thumb area back in the late Eighties, etc.

  7. If anyone out there does have a link to D/L the extended Japanese version of this that TO is talking about, I'd love to hear it - haven't been able to track it down yet...

  8. Lo res,

    I don't know if I'd call where I lived particularly hip. My parents had me out in the rural shitholes of allegan county for my teenage years which meant a 35 mile trip to Kalamazoo for shows. I had been meaning to get in touch with you to ask you about where you were from in Michigan because you mentioned boom and the legion of doom which made me wonder if you were from southwestern michigan.


    Here's that link to the new version of unleashed in the east.


  9. youcanhateme -

    hit me via that contact button over on the left - i'll give u the details on my mid-MI upbringing...

  10. Thank you! I have the LP and it's nice to get a digital copy.


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