I've been listing to Napalm Death all day - and while I can't pick a favorite era, this record has been speaking to me a bit more than the rest have as of late - I go through different phases with this band (probably you do too)?

Jesse Pintado is sorely missed - one of my favorite guitar players for sure - and on this LP he brought a bit of that (classic-as-fuck) Terrorizer relentlessness to the table - this is pure Napalm though, no doubt about it.

The beginning of a great era for these guys, and honestly I hope they never go away…

Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption

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  1. I saw them perform this material for the first time in St Petersburg, Tampa, when they were recording at Morrisound Studios. They did a one-off show at Jannus Landing before returning to the UK; I missed the first band but got to see most of Atheist's set. Mick had to borrow a drum kit for some reason, which he ended up beating to pieces by show's end.

    Ended up hearing it all again when they officially returned to for the Harmony tour.

  2. Nice, I am officially jealous ;)

  3. i always thought utopia banished had more of a terrorizer II vibe to it than harmony corruption (we will not speak of darker days ahead). especially since mick harris actually wrote most of harmony.

    i love that there's pretty much an nd album to suit any mood i'm in from straight grind to crust to death metal.

  4. Hey, it pays to be in the right place at the right time - and living an hour from Tampa during the rise of death metal had its obvious perks.

    I feel the same jealousy towards guys who lived in the Bay Area or NYC during that time.

    Can't believe we're all granddads now.

  5. All good stuff in my opinion - you are right about how they can strike up & fulfill any mood you need. I like Darker Days Ahead, but it is dark as fuck, and makes me sad, as it reminds me of Jesse goin' down... RIP...

  6. Ryan O'blivion2/13/2011 08:14:00 PM

    The best band ever in terms of longevity, progression and influence. Fuck people who say that the middle of their catalog is no good. As an aside, I'd like to say that most of your posts are my favorite bands and albums and that the stuff I haven't heard is always awesome. Keep up the good work!!! (as I write this I'm pumping ND's cover of Anti-Cimex's Victims of a Bomb Raid)

  7. I can honestly say Harmony Corruption is my fave napalm death record. It probably has to do with the fact that it was the first one I heard.

  8. Ryan - Thanks for the kind words, and while I feel that Napalm Death is an aqcuired taste - one that most people only like bits & pieces of their catalog - you are correct in terms of longetivity, progression, & influence.

    I write for myself, and share what it is "speaking to me" at the time - it's always nice when others feel it as well ;)

  9. I support this post wholeheartedly. There is such a mired sea of "reissues" lately with terrible brickwall remastering. So many albums that don't need or deserve the extra attention, and yet this one has been pretty much left to be a buried catalog item for Earache. This was one of the original 5 albums released in the US. I'd love it if Earache would just suck it up and either give us a deluxe redux of this one or give up the rights. Instead we get a box set with Greed Killing (not a slouch album by any means) and Utopia Banished with a DVD. I'm not complaining, but I DO think this album has been completely under-represented. So many awesome riffs completely buried under Morrisound Mud.


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