Quite possibly the unspoken Kings of Old-School Finlandia Death Metal, Convulse always give me that rare feeling of aural bliss & contentment that I get from like bands such as Repulsion,Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, & Incantation.

While these guys don't really sound like any of those guys, they do bring tasteful/powerful elements of the aforementioned, along with that same kind of unbridled aggression that really warms my innards - mid-tempo drumming that leads to the heaviness, chaotic/buzzing distorto chugga-chugga riffing for days, & a thick-and-chunky guttural growl slathered over the top that brings about a foreboding darkness to your ears...

Convulse - World Without God

Link in comments.


  1. <3 thanks, cool stuff. can't wait for the new Will Haven tho

  2. I'm glad someone else other than myself has great taste, ha ha.

    The new WillHaven?

    I sure it's better than the last (new) WillHaven - the vocals were a total letdown to me on that one.
    It just sounded like stuff that wasn't good enough to make it on the Carpe Diem (stellar) album.
    The new lineup just ain't as dynamic in my opinion, but maybe this time they have jelled - I'll be looking forward to it as well, of course ;)

  3. fucking great album. the fins sure do know how to make some great death metal


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