Okay, so maybe I haven't been so prolific at posting as of late, but I have been prolific as fuck in my beer consumption - plus I had old homies in town for the last week, my son celebrated a birthday, work is WORK right now, etc.

No excuses, but seeing as I feel the need to come out of the gate on a strong note for March - a week late, I realize that - here's a seriously fuckin' KILLER-sounding set from the Kings of Berkeley Heathen Scum back when they were at their best, tearing the "Bluegrass State" a new one.

You're welcome.

Fang - 09.18.1984 Jockey Club, Newport, KY

Link in comments.


  1. Exactly what I need this morning ... Thanks!
    And ... happy birthday to your child! \m/

  2. What a great choice for any day of the week. Pure obnoxious-joyful-noise!

  3. Excellent post, thanks! I grew up in the East Bay, and Fang was the shit.


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