Seein' as it's Sunday and all, let's get a taste of some straight-up rippin' thrash from these Little Rock, Arkansas metal "warriors for that God guy"…

Whether you are believer in that kind of stuff or not, there is no denying that this is a sick record. I'd say this is the Christian metal world's equivalent of Slayer's "Reign in Blood". There are many similarities, but it still has something all it's own. Nice old school rhythmic thrash riffs, better solos than Kerry King on most days, and lyrically they aren't bellowing in my ear to join them on their walk with Christ, so it's all good with me…

Living Sacrifice - Living Sacrifice

Link in comments.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately - my life has been consumed by THIS for the last month. I've been doing nothing but logging hours at work shipping, co-ordinating, lifting, packing & all the other logistics behind it. If you're into skateboarding, definitely check it out, it is fucking killer, and we're all proud of it.

Thanks for sticking around - all four of you, ha ha.


  1. "Christian metal's equivalent to Slayer's Reign In Blood?", you say?

    This I have to hear.

  2. by far one of the best. also, "extraction from mortality" by believer delivers some awesome metal.

  3. the new REAL video is going to be the modern day equivalent of the first Plan B video. so fucking RAD. as for christian metal, i'll pass. the best thing to come out of Little Rock was probably Econochrist...

  4. Eastcobb - You should give this record a shot, it's that good. Enjoying my day before I head back to DLX tomorrow to inevitably ship more of those DVD's...

  5. Thanks, Lo-Res, christian metal is something that we don't have at all, at least for the moment, in Italy. Maybe because it seems that if you listen to this kind of music people immediately think you are hopelessly damned and already with your place booked in hell, lol ... So I'm very ignorant about it, and, well, very curious about this "sick" metal! \m/

  6. GREAT ALBUM!!! you guys need to check Deliverance, Ultimatum, Believer and Tourniqnet... they all are awesome...


  7. I saw them live a few years back. I went with a girl from one of my college classes that was all Christian (which I most certainly am not) and they put on an fantastic live show. Not quite Neurosis standard, but very powerful live, to be sure.

  8. I've been lucky enough to see this band twice and I love every album they have.

    And I find it awesome that you work at DLX.


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