I have been obsessed with these guys once again - it's nice when the internet gets all "Zer" on you and stokes you by re-awakening you to bands you forgot about cuz your hard-drive is nearly 400GB deep…

Heavy yet catchy, this is classic old-school death metal with an in-your-face quality that I find quite enjoyable - the guitar tones on this are excellent / interesting ones - who plays a Tele in the death metal world, right? I dig that (I own one, as well as a Les Paul) about these Austrian madmen - a bit of bucking-the-trend, etc.

To (loosely) quote Bob Slydell, I myself "celebrate their entire catalog"...

Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul… For Me Your Flesh

Link in comments.


  1. I Shit On Your Face4/23/2011 12:03:00 PM

    Fuck Yea!

  2. Totally killer band ... \m/ \m/ \m/

  3. @Zer:

    I forgot to put your link in my post - YOU are the one responsible for turning on to the Zer of the Stench once again - thanks - I rewrote the post a bit...

  4. and here I was thinking they were Swiss.... what the fuck do I know? These guys are awesome as is your blog (still)! I like the effects on the band photos you put up.

  5. Thanks, seAoxen.
    I have some fun pretending I know WTF I am doing when I tweak the photos I find...

  6. And here I was thinking "Been Caught Buttering" was their first album... what a fool I was! Thanks for some great retro-death - For You My Thanks


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