So I've been meaning to post this a few days ago, but I've been sick.

It all started w/ an ingrown fingernail, and then I'm assuming that while bar tending the other night, I got some bar-rot in there, and before you know it, I woke up w/ one swollen, red, angry-looking dick-finger/digit! Anyways, I went to the Doctor & she started me on antibiotics. It took about 10 hours, but then my system crashed, and all I could do is lay in bed, surfing waves of nausea, or get up & go pee out my ass every 30 minutes - maybe even puke up some weird bright yellow liquid.

I'm glad I could share that with you…

Anyways, Angel Rot could very well be the soundtrack to your medication-induced delirium - it was for me - and honestly? This is some dirty, fucked up rock that most folks STILL ain't gonna like. What the fuck? What's NOT to like about Tom Five & his Iommi-meet-Ginn proto-stylings? This shit is still ahead of it's time.

Angel Rot - Unlistenable Hymns of Indulgent Damnage

Link in comments.


  1. "all I could do is lay in bed, surfing waves of nausea, or get up & go pee out my ass every 30 minutes - maybe even puke up some weird bright yellow liquid."

    I can never un-know that now. Thank you.

    Angel Rot fucking rule.

  2. haha. horrible man. I actually already have this one, but yeah, they rule for sure. I can't believe they were never a "bigger" band, or that they haven't blown up more recently with the whole doom revival kind of thing happening everywhere. I just dubbed this album onto one side of a tape the other week for my bike ride into work too. great stuff.

  3. Definitely a killer album ... and a scary description! :-o :-) Glad you're back into full force \m/

  4. If you're still on the course of antibiotics, get yourself some probiotics (like Florastor) and get some of that good gut flora back in you. Also don't take them with milk.
    Thanks for the tunes!

  5. Thanks Bryn, I did the antibiotics only for 3 days - they got me really fucking out of wack, but my finger chilled out & so I cautiously quit them.
    I am doing well & was taking some Flora Plus capsules all along & it totally helped.
    I don't drink milk - haven't for about 3 years at least - but I do get my share of dairy via cheese...

  6. haha I dl'd this couple days ago thinking it was a recent post & its from months ago.... this is pretty good stuff definitely a melting pot of influences - yep there's BF and I guess sabbath. Also Helmet, Black Dust era YDI (maybe its my imagination about how influential that record was but I hear it all over the place - I hadn't heard it till I found it on Cosmic Hearse). To be honest Id've liked a bit more Blank Stare in there. I found some of the riffs especially in the intros.... well, after 2 bars of the drummer playing the same little tricky roll I had the point but then it went for another 6. When they actually let loose and start wailing, it's awesome shit. If there is one thing that listening to power violence and grindcore is teaching me, it's that it's ok to have a fucking killer riff and only play it twice in a song. As opposed to, say, shit like foo fighters who have an (arguably) decent riff and play it 1000 freakin times in 4 minutes. Did I mention I don't like the foo fighters?

  7. seAoxen -


  8. Yeah you got a deal.... what was I thinking?


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