I'll have to admit that back in the day, I wasn't much of a fan of what the F.U.'s had become, but John Sox's vocal delivery intrigued me in a "WTF?" kind of way? Super-nasally, yet super unique - dude had some deep pipes to go along with that though, and that kept me wondering. "How the hell does he sing like that?"

Some riffs on this here record are some straight-up heavy metal 80's-style stuff, but I got hooked on that "Young Fast Iranians" jam they did, and while I've been a dude who preferred "a bit of metal in his hardcore", this record somehow worked for me. Seriously, there are some killer fucking riffs delivered on here. Take "Cavalry" for instance…

These days I prefer "a bit of hardcore in my metal", and these days, this record gets a lot more play around here.
Rockin' stuff from one of the best hardcore bands there ever was - don't let that scare you…

Straw Dogs - We Are Not Amused

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  1. Never saw the F.U.'s but I did see the Straw Dogs during '90. They friggin' rocked! I never failed to enjoy a bit of metal and they remained the perfect mix of metal/hc for me. Also, it did not hurt that they opened and closed with a few F.U.'s numbers. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this! I listen the F.U.'s pretty often but I never really caught up with the Straw Dogs.

  3. saw them in 1988 or 87 at Green Street Station in Jamaica Plain/Boston Mass. The club was close to the Roxbury line in an occasionally hairy shithole right beside the Green St. Orange Line Subway stop one Saturday and there was MAYBE 10 people in the place. Good show,alright spot-short lived. I saw GG play there for maybe 10minutes until he pissed in the crowd and was led away by Bostons finest. Also saw the highly underrated HC band Verbal Assault from RI

  4. thanks for all the killer posts.

  5. Hey you're welcome - I'm a bit lazy this week, hope to have something up tomorrow...

  6. I'm having a hard time finding the link to download...

  7. It's the first comment on the post...

  8. Tanks brother. I post this sound in my blog. Very good. Tanks for this and visit us!!! www.ganjacoreblog.blogspot.com Salutes from Brasil

  9. So Glad I could do all the work for you, Ganjacore.
    A link back is fine, but why not upload to your own account?
    Fuckin' lame.


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