Here's some somewhat recent (and totally fuckin' decent) hardcore - no metal in it - just straight up old-school first-generation American Hardcore from St. Louis, Missouri.

Lots of fast, noisy riffs, stop-and-go drums, bass lines rumbling right behind the guitars, and manic vocals over top. Although these guys were around in the last few years, these recordings have a "quality" about them that makes them sounds like they are straight out of 1983 or something.
Not retro by any means.

Now, I gotta give credit where it's due, and today I wanna give FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM a shout out for turning me on to these guys a ways back. Thanks for always being one of the best blogs out there - seriously - every post is gold, baby - and for the inspirado, etc.

Below you will find everything F.A. uploaded on his original post, as well as a few other C.P. gems that - as far as I can tell - round out their discography. If I'm missing something, or you have more info for me, let me know - the internet yield on these guys ain't much, but their "punk rock prowess" is indeed chock full of fury…

Civic Progress - Civic Progress
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  1. hey man,
    just wanted to let you know i'm lovin the blog and have been for a while now. sorry its takin me so long to let ya know...
    big ups from arsetralia..

  2. Cool man, thanks for the kind words.
    The reality of my everyday life makes it so I can't post that much these days - not enough hours in the day these days - but I keep slogging away at it.

    I'm out to prove nothing to no one, it's pretty much just something I do for myself (and the four people who usually comment), so it's always nice to hear words of encouragement - THANKS.

  3. Just got internets at home for the first time in a year or so. I'm friends with the base player. He is named MISTER and currently lives in Fort Collins. Super nice dud. Don't know much else about the band other than the downloads he had sent me in the past.

  4. @Excess Zine:

    Would love to hear any downloads you might have if you're willing to share...

  5. band had 2 7"s a demo and radio set. If you got all that you got it all.

  6. @BS - And a track "Suckling" off the "No Bullshit Vol. 4" comp. completes it all, right?


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