Eleven minutes of pain, paranoia, fear, anger, & "all-meat-no-filler" power-riffing, repeatedly pummeling you into submission.

I ain't never been to Fort Smith, Arkansas, but a town with "Hell on the Border" as it's motto, I can now understand how a band as fucking hostile & relentless-sounding (as these guys) came to be. They flew way under the radar, and it's not suprising that they were never on Relapse.

Pure fucking grind - that is hard to find these days. Get some.

Rash of Beatings - Rash of Beatings

Link in comments.

Off to Hawaii for a week - see you soon.


  1. I have this 7 inch, it's really good. Did they have anything to do with Burned Up Bled Dry?

  2. I don't believe they did, other than being from the same city, and kicking ass just as hard as BUBD does/did.

    Both are/were stellar bands, for sure.

  3. Thanks for all the awesome music. My 34 year old ears are thankful for all the music you are sharing. Great photos great blog.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Kurt!

  5. there may not have been any crossover from BUBD and rash of beatings, but BG had members of both. all great bands. tosh told me that rash of beatings recorded material for a second 7" right before they broke up that was, according to him, a thousand times better than this one (if that's possible). i suppose it isn't floating around the internet anywhere ?

  6. I for got about the (unheard of) greatness that was BG!

    I have:
    2001 Demo
    The and That's What I'm Here To Do
    Split w/ Iron Lung
    The Congratulations
    - all excellent!

    I sure hope someone has the Rash of Beatings recordings you speak of - I've scoured the 'nets for 'em my self, yet have yielded nothing. Feel free to share 'em w/ me if you come across them - I'd appreciate it!

  7. Awwww...look at ol' JH up there, screamin' his head off. It's a damned shame that the hipsters took over NW Arkansas; we once had a really good punk/hc/metal scene...now it's deader than disco.


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