Sorry for the lack of updates - while February is the shortest month of the year, it is also a busy time for me, what with THIS going on as of late. That translates to lots of long bar shifts, lots of late nights, lots of GREAT beer, lots of liver punishment, and raging hangovers.

Speaking of raging, one sorely-missed thrash unit that fucking killed it was Rammer. Like their local T.O. comrades CURSED, they came & went too soon. The good times just weren't meant to last, it seems…

Rammer - 01.18.2004 CIUT / Toronto, Canada
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  1. Thanks for continuing to post all sorts of wonderful sounds. Yours is one of the blogs that I look forward to see what is next. I do not love everything, but the short reviews definitely pique my interest.

  2. Joel the guitarist now plays in Midnight....the new album kills!!!!!!!!!

  3. Midnight... doesn't compare to Rammer...
    Venom did Venom better than those guys do it.
    I do like the first couple of Midnight records when it was just done by the guy from Boulder, now they are the pride of Decibel Mag, etc.

    1. FYI MIDNIGHT is still just the guy from BOULDER, only other people to ever play on any MIDNIGHT recordings other than him were the 2 guitarist from BOULDER on one song. MIDNIGHT doesn't compare to RAMMER, pride of Decibel Mag? what the hell are you talking about? 10 years from now you'll be blabbing on how you were the biggest MIDNIGHT fan.

      And thanks many for the RAMMER!!! Those guys killed it!!

    2. I'll break my rule of replying to ANONYMOUS posts here...

      I WAS a big Midnight fan years ago - the first album.
      Midnight is a joke band, honestly - not one that I find intriguing these days, but Decibel Magazine sure loves them.

      Rammer did fucking kill it - and ten years from now you'll be old enough to drink.

      You're welcome.

  4. Thanks man, greetings from Defunción Sistemática


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