In the Great Battle of the Twin Cities back in the Eighties, it must have been hard to pick a side.
For me it is - not that I'd want to, honestly - but the "Big Two" (Hüsker Dü & The Replacements) - made for some serious Midwest rock bad-assery back in my formative years.

This here collection is an early (live) boot with some excellent sound quality - the year is 1989, and we find the 'Mats out on the road in support of Tom Fuckin' Petty!?!
I'd garner to say, it would have been great to see these guys open, mop the floor with their superior rock power, & then bail the fuck out afterwards to the dive bar down the street...

Bob Stinson was a fuckin' BEAST of a guitar player - Thank you.

The Replacements - Shit, Shower, & Shave
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  1. Love what you have to say, you've turned me on to some pretty cool shit! Thanks!

  2. I like the Replacements, but it was never much of a contest for me. The Hüsker Dü tat on my arm is proof of that...

  3. @Aylmer - Yeah, ya know it has taken me all these years to "get" myself to "like them".
    All my friends back then preferred the catchier stylings of the 'Mats, while I liked the icy-buzzsaw of Mould & Co.
    NONE of those "friends" these days is even into good music, so...

    Give it a shot though, it's good, and for proof of Bob Stinsons' get-down abilities, just watch this preformance on SNL '86: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6yi30_what-a-mess_music . They were nothing w/o him, and sadly Westerberg was/is an ego-driven (great) songsmith. But he's soft as fuck whem it comes to rockin' the fuck out...

    I too, by the way have a METAL CIRCUS tattoo on my arm. HA!


  4. Thank you!

    who knows what´s the name this band?



  5. Ha, that SNL performance is something, and introduced by Harry Dean Stanton no less. I actually used to have "Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash" and liked it quite a lot.

    HUSKERS: Metal Circus, Zen Arcade, Land Speed Record, Everything Falls Apart. So. Fucking. Good.

  6. Let It Be & Metal Circus, hard to choose between the two - so why bother! Both great bands and the soundtrack to my drug-assisted adolescence. Thanks for this!


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