Been quite a while since I last listened to this…

Bought this when it came out - out of print now, really Dischord? - and damn if it ain't a psychedelic weirdo hippie record that is PUNK as FUCK.

The lineup of this band just looks so wrong that it is absolutely right. The perfect melding of a bunch of dudes who don't fit the rules of the "School of Punk" (as far appearances & musical styles go), and this is why their material is (still to this day) is so unique.

This is a band you'll either love or hate, but in my honest opinion, Fred Smith is one of the most unsung hardcore guitarists ever. Imagine him in a band w/ the other Fred Smith (MC5) - crushing.

Light up, lights down, rock out, etc.

Beefeater - Plays For Lovers / House Burning Down
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  1. Thank you very much for this surprise very Bad Brainish (on the first listening).

  2. Sick record!!!

  3. Thank you kindly kindly sir as both were cranked at our dorms much. Blog is looking nice graphically these days.

  4. overlooked vinyl work, but yes thank you for giving it a chance for us.


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