Pretty much a perfect album all the way around…

It's funny / sad to me to think of how many new bands have totally copped this sound, and are making way more money than Entombed ever have - worst part of all is that most of the kids these days don't realize this. Hopefully, they will be smart & go back to check out the originators of the Swedish Death Metal Sound, ya know? (Sometimes the internet ruins everything).

This record is 22 fucking years old now, & it still shreds giant hairy rhino balls all fuckin' day.
Swedish Death Metal that set the standard - FUCK YEAH!!!

Entombed - Left Hand Path.
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    1. As much as I've enjoyed all their stuff, this is indeed still the strongest release by far.

  2. One of the Dower's favorite albums of all time!

  3. Total classic shit. Thanks!

  4. Have been listening to this a lot lately. Just sick.

  5. IDO -

    Excellent blog, man!
    I've added you as a link - can I please get a link back from you?

  6. So many great riffs, such great variety in tempo... classic, for sure. Sucks that they came out with this so early in their career and could nary match it in quality.

    What is everyone's SECOND favourite Entombed disc?

  7. What's the first favorite?
    I always thought this was perfect, except for the thin-mix.
    It's tough for me cuz I like all their material minus Same Difference, Inferno, & anything else after 2005.
    Fucking great band...


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