Chaotic hardcore fuckery.
A ton of melody floating in a cesspool of electronic catharsis.
Fat hooks, jarring rhythms, abrasive vocal caterwaul.
The heaviness of the load - the load being something like a giant piece of shit-flavored cake drizzled with a Robitussin-and-Adderall frosting / glaze-type of icky goodness.

Just put it in your ear / mouth already, willya?

LickGoldenSky - LickGoldenSky
Link in comments.


  1. Damn. haven't listened to this one in years! Definitely gonna revisit. Thanks for the upload.

  2. @Raze Hell -

    Yeah man, I hadn't listened to it in years either, then the other day, the 'ol iTunes shuffle pulled this madness up...

    By the way - I just linked you - thanks for yours.

  3. i always hated this album, but the beautiful sounds of always scratched my noise rock itch. when jamie getz joined up with mike hill for versoma i was beyond stoked (don't even get me started on how i nearly fainted when dave witte was slated to be their drummer). it's a shame that pairing never really help up for more than one ep.


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