Offered up today for your internet leeching consumption is a collection of (studio) outtakes from Samhain's "Magnum Opus" album, November Coming Fire.

The mix is loud, unbalanced, and awesome.

I'm always a fan of the rough mix / demo stuff more often than not, and this one is far more fun for me to listen to than the final product.

Fuzzy/overdriven chorus guitarage, plodding "soggy" drums, buried keyboard melodies, lots of howls & shit like that… no spray-on hair or cat litter shopping frenzies yet…

Samhain - November Coming Fire (Outtakes)
Link in comments.


  1. Awesome. thanks man for this. Guess we're thinking similar (Danzig anyway). I did a Misfits/Danzig MIXTAPE (and one Samhain song) last week on my blog - if you want to share the link (or edit it out of my comment if you ain't down with what some may consider blog plugging): http://kielbasage.blogspot.com/2012/06/island-of-misfits-danzig.html

    Love your site (and insight) dude.

  2. Right on, KB - thanks for the kind words - I always check your site out as well...

  3. This is awesome. thanks. Do you have any more info. I've been collecting Misfits/Samhain/Danzig/Undead recordings for years and this particular set is new to me. Has it just been unearthed?

    Thanks again.

  4. Wish I had more info for you, UnDeadBoy.
    Maybe someone out there on the internetz can help w/ that...

  5. Link for this was dead on PNP so thanks for bringing it back to life!... and at 320kbps FUCK YEAH!

  6. Enjoy.

    PNP has always been one of my favorites, and one of the first blogs that I acknowledged / acknowledged me back in the day.

    They always deliver...


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