Some serious mind-blowing twin-guitar thrash action going on here!

Really hard to pin-point / peg their sound; the vocals on this thing are fucking over the top.
If there is any band I could compare them to, early Savatage mixed w/ some early Metal Church might be a close call.
Add some early Kirk Hammett solos and a young Slayer in there too, whydontcha?

You're either aware of this band or not, and you love them or hate them - it's your call - but if you ask me, this is one of the most underrated thrash bands that most people think they have heard of, yet actually never have heard them at all.
Their attack is relentless - the pace never slows - and while they put out two killer albums, no one gives / gave a fuck. Don't be "that guy"...

Holy Terror - Mind Wars
Link in comments.


  1. Love them. Ferocious, melodic, chaotic and unique.In a sea of sound alikes the were an island of greatness.

  2. Most incredible band! Agent Steel meets Slayer, the cream of the cream!!!

  3. Looking forward to giving this some time in the earholes.

  4. Hey man i've been pouring through some older posts. I dig this record, the old savatage remark caught my attention, been loving that lately...I've passed this up so many times, I shouldnt have. anyway cheers.


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