I've been trying to figure out how describe the A.o.O. sound to you for days now, and I'm STILL having a hard time trying to nail it down. To me, this means that it is an epic band / epic recording transcending the rules of any set genre.

There it is.

One minute you get a lilting melody & the ethereal voice of Dax Fuckin' Riggs singing you a lullaby, the next he's howling like a banshee -like only Dax can do it.

This album runs the gamut of emotions, and in a way that - while this is a "heavy" record - they get their "heavy" from somewhere else besides the usual "beat-you-about-the-head-and-ears" with amplification & distortion, etc. Dynamics, songwriting & comeptent players that lay back in the pocket until it is time to strike, and then when they do, they do it tastefully, and with power to spare.

An excellent fucking record from a band that I sure as fuck wished could have lasted longer.

Don't be "scairt", son…

Agents of Oblivion - Agents of Oblivion
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    1. Great stuff, whatever you wanna call it. Psychedelic rock maybe?

  2. I find this record a little boring! but i'd recommend his first (i think) solo record 'If this is hell then i'm lucky' has a similar sound to Agents if your into them. In any case Dax has a cracking versatile voice. Just always preferred Acid Bath + Dax's later stuff. happy 5 years too!

  3. Boring? Really?
    I celebrate his entire catalog - I love all the Acid Bath stuff too - just haven't seen this posted up as much.
    Dax is a fucking gift from the swamp, yo!


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