Take a big blast from the well-used & uncleaned bong of this "stuck in the Nineties" death metal scum squad from the "gem-covered streets" of Dayton, Ohio!

Foul Stench are stuck in the Nineties BECAUSE THEY WERE AROUND IN THE NINETIES, SON!

You won't find much technical merit here for the most part - just big FAT riffage, deep groove, caustic thrashing, and a big smattering of "cough-to-get-off" guttural bellowing over the top.

Sprinkle some of this shit on your bowl- a band that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet GETS THE FUCK DOWN in all seriousiness, Foul Stench is worth checking out.

Foul Stench - Eternal Rot
Link in comments.

Back from Michigan - it was hot as fuck - (just like your mom)...


  1. Man, talk about a band hanging in there for the long run. Can't believe I never heard of these guys - this album absolutely raged! The breakdown in the middle of "Sick" was the greatest thing in a while. Awesome post man, thanks!


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