Simply put, this is a masterpiece album that mixes the best of fast & heavy.

A total juggernaut of brutality, 23 years later it's still hard to beat.
Downtuned beyond downtuned, but with a sense of purpose, the riffs on this thing are top-notch.

Doom-laden & heavy, this record sounds like you're stuck in a giant, cavernous sewer pipe w/ the almighty Bolt Thrower pummeling you w/ their chaotic rock mastery from the other end; the double bass (just a bit behind) teamed with the thunder-thump bass lines of one Jo Bench the whole time creating an uneasiness that feels just right...

Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos (Slaves to Darkness)
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  1. Saw them quite a few times back in the day (including the night the first Gulf War broke out on a double bill with carcass at the Marquee - if memory serves me). Always an amazing wall of noise.

  2. This has ruled for forever. Reminds me of my friends older brother explaining moshing to us, then blasting this and throwing us around the living room. Must've been 12 or 13. Megadeth and Slayer ruled my world, and my metal horizons were just opening up. Thanks as always.

  3. love your image for this post!


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