As a kid growing up in a no-way-out / burned-out General Motors town in mid-Michigan, The Brother Wayne Kramer always "spoke" to me. His playing in the MC5 fanned the flames of many a revolt in the Seventies; be them political demonstrations, or of "the innner self".
Sadly, the MC5 went down in flames like only they could do it - they will always be legend.

They don't make protest bands anymore, kid.

Wayne has been there & done that more than twice, and has played with the likes of everyone from GG Allin to Red Rodney to Johnny Thunders to The Melvins & quite a few other bad-asses in between. These days, he spends most of his time giving hope to "correctional facility" prisoners via his Jail Guitar Doors foundation, as well as scoring the music for the "television-awesomeness" known as Eastbound & Down.

The man has risen from a dark past - to shine like a motherfucker - to say the least.

Ain't nothin' wrong with that - most of us can only hope to attain some semblance of inner peace, right?

Six strings and a grip of soul.
Fuck yes.

Wayne Kramer - The Hard Stuff + 4
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  1. Thanks for this, looking forward to listening

  2. In the most recent Juice Magazine Jason Jessee interviews Mr. Kramer!!!!!!

  3. whooah !! didnt even know this existed....kramer's the man....
    may you blog long n proud

  4. Wow, I love MC5 (I come from Flint, dude, where you from?), but I ain't never of dis here shit! Ahmina listen to this thang here tomorrow and blow off my fuckin ears!!! Thanx!!!

  5. I grew up 47 miles north of you up I-75.


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