The pride of Milwaukee Hardcore, these guys need no introduction (at least around the L-RV)…

Here we have a promotional-only collection that spans their entire recorded output (although this one is lacking heavily in the early material department).
None the less, these guys were great all the way until the end - the flavor may have changed a bit over the years, but for myself (and many others), it's easy to say that they were a truly unique band that transcended the term "hardcore", yet were more hardcore than most when it came down to their approach to tone, melody, songwriting, etc. Dig.

Die Kreuzen - Internal
Link in comments.


  1. Thanks! I haven't heard the later materials in years, def excited to load this one up!

  2. i'd love to have been in that band meeting: "i know guys, let's mix rudimentary peni with early motley crue and then play it as fast as possible."

    what an unusually kickass band.

  3. Motley Crue & Rudimentary Peni?
    I'm not hearing any of that, but I'll try again.
    Interesting description for sure!

  4. nobody else has ever gotten that comparison. maybe it's just me.

  5. Shit - the only one who ever gets MY descriptions of bands is ME anyways, ha ha!


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