Without a doubt, this record is 15 minutes of serenity - to these ears at least.

Assück melded the best of both worlds - grindcore & death metal - like no other.

There are no weak spots on this "album" - other than it only being 15 minutes long - but then again, this is all killer w/ no filler. Insane musicianship abounds here - shit, these guys would be killer in any genre w/ the chops they possess - but just because they are masters of their instruments doesn't mean they can't write sick riffs.

This record is a testimonial to the musical supremacy that these heavyweights from Florida possesssed. Essential!

Assück - Anticapital
Link in comments.

Yes, the blog is still active - not so frequent I KNOW, but unlike so many other blogs, I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE. November has been a crazy month here in SF (Giants World Series Win, Halloween, hangovers, work, real life, a Presidential election, more holidaze coming up, etc). Let's party!


  1. Great band, great album! Their entire discography cannot be missed. I saw them 3 or 4 times on their last tour back in 98. I have only seen videos of them with Paul on vox. They were very much ignored by the metal scene, even though they have popped up on many death metal bands/albums thanks list. I don't think the punk scene fully embraced them but when powerviolence was getting popular they were finally getting the recognition they deserved.

    Another band that needs a discography cd. Blogged & quartered already has a digital discography though.

  2. I'm one of those moochers who RSS the site and never leave a comment. Herein is my biannual appreciative comment. I've lived in ignorance of this band for 20 years, somehow confusing them with Agotheleceses (y'know, whatever that micnecore band is)...will finally check this out upon your recommendation.

  3. Ha ha, right on, Post-Felix!

    We are all guilty of not commenting much - it's the nature of the internet, honestly. Lurking...

    Well, glad you decided to take a chance - these guys were top notch.

  4. Never got to see them as I was out of Florida by then, but my brother's band got to open for them once or twice when they played in Pensacola.

    I do have all their material, but nothing beats seeing a band live at least once.

  5. Assuck may make you burn down buildings.

  6. There is only one ASSUCK. My first introduction was the split they did with the Old Lady Drivers, I believe it was (the OLD side was killer too in a wierd kind of way). Everything you said about Assuck...plus they had some insane lyrics. "Around, the cycle rotates, on the access of despair, untouched, by question, we merely sit and stare".

  7. Funny that you say these guys would be killer in any genre- I just happened to listen to their youth crew style band Anthem 88 earlier today. They put out a couple CDs back in the late 90s. They were a bit heavier and darker than other stuff like Floorpunch or In My Eyes that came out around then...

  8. nothing like a good go round with assuck to brighten the workday (and clear out my office of other personnel)

  9. @EastCobb -

    Do you have any Anthem 88 you could share?

    I can't seem to track it down anywhere...

    1. I'll upload the CDs for you this weekend!

  10. @EASTCOBB -


    if you want to send them to me direct, hit me up on that contact button over on the left, or just post 'em here.

    truly appreciated!

  11. isn't the drummer in a pagan BM band in portland now?


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