I was SUCH a man when I was taking down my Xmas lights today...

Seriously though, the holidays are OVER, and we all have to go back to "full" work weeks. No more of these extra days off to eat/drink/sleep too much, right?


Here's a wonderful little gem from a band that I can't believe it took this long for them to finally make their debut on the L-R V! This live recording is from early on in their existence, in front of a great crowd here in the SFC, and as usual, I made you some nice artwork that's already imbedded in the files, pal.

Download and enjoy.

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The Minutemen - 10.26.1981 Mabuhay Gardens, SF, CA / KUSF 90.3FM Simulcast

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  1. fucking killer!!!...i thought i had most things minutemen...big time thanks. just came across your blog and am stoked on your broad tastes that seem to seamlessly run in line with my own...thanx again...miike-

  2. Miike -

    Glad you enjoy the rainbow of flavors around here ;)


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