Heavily-blackened "War Crust" out of Seattle WA.
Damn shame they ain't still around; to my ears it seemed like they were just starting to really gel as a unit.
Great riffs and a stark-as-fuck sound that made them stand apart from the legions of the dirty & clad-in-black.

Get this if you don't already have it.

Have a great weekend - I'll be laying up in a small beachfront cottage (complete w/ hot tub) in Stinson Beach, CA all weekend.
Supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny - IN JANUARY, NO LESS!

Ahhhhh.... Global Warming....

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Sanctum - On The Horizon

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  1. wow, this is good stuff. thanks!!

  2. dudely do wrong1/05/2011 01:15:00 PM

    crushing release, stormcrow split kills too.
    I heard a rumor of them getting back together a while ago...hope it's true.

  3. That would be awesome if they got back together again - one of my fave bands of the last few years...


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