Wicked-chaotic grindcore from Charm City (Baltimore) MD that strays from the norm.
While they grind like fucking madmen, they also throw some sick fucking leads out there, and the vocals are cold and painful - so soothing!

If you dig the painful strains of Hirudinea, Watchmaker, Raw Radar War, Starkweather - shit like that - well then, you NEED to check these guys out.
Definitely pick up their DEAD HOUSE DREAMING CD - it really hits the spot!

Enjoy this live set from 2005 - I made you some cover art as well.

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Triac - 09.08.2005 WFMU, Jersey City, NJ

Now playing: GG Allin - Bite It You Scum
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*By the way, if anybody has the Triac - In the Blue Room CDEP/7" ripped, could you PLEASE send me a D/L link? Thanks*

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