Pen Rollings.
You may know him better as "The Godfather of Math-Rock".

This here's a long-lost & way-out-of-print GEM that this dude Bob turned me on to a few years ago after I had traded him an Honor Role show.

In return, he upped my game by schooling me with this.

I had originally lost this bad boy during "The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2007", but with the help of the internet, FaceBook, and my spotty memory/mind, I was able to track down good 'ol Bob. In a flash he stepped up to the plate and blessed me w/ a fresh rip to share with y'alls.

In my opinion, this could be Pen's greatest body of guitar work, and as far as "math rock" goes, this one stretches the genre a bit with it's trippy, spaced-out heaviness.

I'll just leave this one up to you to figure it out for yourselves...

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Butterglove - The John Morand Session

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  1. DeeeeaD links!

  2. You're doing it wrong - I just tried it and the link works perfectly.


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