There's been alot of "highly underrated" bands I've featured here, but these guys are definitely in the upper echelon of that category.

If you don't know who Pen Rollings is, now is the time to get your shit on track!

This here fine live recording was given to me by some righteous motherfucker after a show I was selling merch at while on tour w/ a "supergroup" of sorts - let's just say Dave Lombardo was in it, okay? Anyways, said awesome dude handed me 3 or 4 CD-R's at the merch table and this one was the keeper!

If anyone wants to go for it and figure out the track listing that would be awesome. Shit, if you REALLY are a bad ass, then figure out the track list for the previously-posted Coalesce set as well and send them to me.

UPDATE 12.03.2008:

Reader Jonas figured out the set list!

1 following footprints
2 absolve
3 six
4 throwing rocks
5 caretaker
6 observation
7 listening to sally
8 anonymous cave
9-12 some banter and guitar tuning
13 ???
14 purgatory
15 my place
16 ???
17 thankless job
18 so anyway
19 shuffle
20 twist
21 lives of the saints
22 ???

Now playing: Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law

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Honor Role - 07.30.1989 Cat's Cradle, Carboro NC

Now playing: Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law


  1. Awesome, I'll check this out. Thanks. Also, would this "supergroup" be Voodoocult or Fantomas, haha?

  2. Fantomas would be the correct guess. This was the 'Delirium Cordia" tour, and boy I had a good time.
    It was also my last tour as a merch guy/roadie (2003) and to be honest I miss traveling around the US and visiting the same people/clubs every three months or so...

  3. I saw Honor Role a few times in Atlanta at the Metroplex between 1985-1989. I remember being so impressed by their set that I bought their merch and was a lifelong fan ever since. Great Band!!

  4. Thanks for this one. You may have noticed that I posted all the early Honor Role singles a while back on my blog and also the Loincloth demo which was a more recent Pen project. I just did a Devo post also, we seem to be on the same page lol.

  5. finally, I can contribute something.

    I'll have that coalesce setlist for you by the end of the day.

  6. Thanks! Can't wait to hear what they sound like live!

  7. thanks so much for posting this...I think it was one of their last shows

  8. 13 is judgement day
    16 is two string
    22 is familiar & plain

  9. Link is fucked.

  10. You happen to be FOUR FUCKING YEARS TOO LATE.

    If you want a re-up, you could try asking.


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